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July 13, 2009


We needed to create a site that could limit some pages and posts to logged in members only. To do this we used three different free plugins.

To protect the content we used:

Member Access

We quickly discovered that the default registration page and log in pages would be pretty confusing to people. These pages look like they belong on WordPress.com and not on our site. To help solve this problem we were able to customize the default log in and registration pages to look like it belonged to our site and not WordPress.com. In order to accomplish this we used:

Register Plus

The plugin worked great for the registration process, but was still pretty awkward to use as a log in process. Forcing the user to go to another pages to log in seemed like a lot to ask of our user. We wanted users to be able to log in from any page to get instant access to the content. To smooth out the log in process so we used:

AJAX Login Widget++

This worked out pretty well, but we needed to modify the template to link to our new registration screen. The authors did make this customization pretty easy. We were only able to add this to a widget and not within a page, but that’s a lot better than other options.

The combination of these plugins work very well to create a basic member site. You should be aware that there is no paid membership option or any control over levels of membership, but it works well.

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3 Responses to “WordPress Member Area”

  1. Jeff Says:

    You labeled a link to my Redirect My Login plugin as Register Plus. Could you please correct it? Thanks.

  2. admin Says:


    Sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know about the error. We did look at your plugin, but as it turned out we didn’t need it for this project.


  3. Milan Says:

    The Register Plus and AJAX Login Widget++ integration is exactly what I was looking for (brilliant combination if I can get it to work). Is there anyway you could tell me what changes you made to the widget to get Register Plus to work with it? This is a little bit out of my league…



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